Heat Transfer Coefficient is used in measuring the transition of thermal energy from a hotter object to a cooler object (heat transfer). It is a ratio of the heat transfer rate or heat flux and the temperature difference which act as a driving force for the heat to transfer in such a way that the both the object and its surroundings reach to an equilibrium condition. Heat transfer between object in proximity with a temperature difference can never be stopped; it can only be slowed. Heat transfer coefficient is the inverse of thermal insulance.

Units and Measures

Heat transfer coefficient is the quantity of heat that passes in unit time through unit area of a plate of particular thickness when it’s opposite faces differ in temperature.

Following are the units of heat transfer coefficient:

  • SI Units: watt per square-meter kelvin (W /m²•K)
  • Imperial Units: British thermal unit per hour Square feet degree Fahrenheit (Btu /ft²•°F•h)

Useful References

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