In acoustics, noise can be defined as complex sound waves with irregular vibrations and no definite pitch. Usually, it is a meaningless sound of greater than usual volume.

Thus, a loud activity may be referred to as noisy. However, conversations of other people may be called noise for people not involved in any of them, and noise can be any unwanted sound such as the noise of dogs barking, neighbors playing loud music, road traffic sounds, chainsaws, or aircraft, spoiling the quiet of the countryside.

Noise is unwanted sound that can be anything from low-level but annoying to loud and harmful. It is a pollutant and a hazard to human health and can cause permanent irreversible hearing damage.

Noise perception is subjective. Factors such as the magnitude, characteristics, duration, and time of occurrence may affect one’s subjective impression of the noise.

Units and Measures

Noise is measured in decibel (dB).

Useful References

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